Gift Planning

The Power of a Bequest

Mary Molly EmenheiserMary "Molly" Emenheiser graduated from Elizabethtown College with a B.S. in Elementary Education. She spent her career teaching in public schools. In a reunion survey she wrote, "Because of my very good training at Etown, I have had a very successful career in teaching."

Yonnie Kauffman graduated from Bridgewater College and later received her master's degree at West Chester University. Her high school coach, Allegra Hess, encouraged Yonnie to look at Bridgewater for her undergraduate education. Later Allegra, who then worked for Elizabethtown College, encouraged Yonnie to come here to teach and coach.

What do these women have in common? Molly and Yonnie are special people—their paths mirror personal success coupled with service to others. Both developed an appreciation for the power of one's life and one's legacy. And both remembered Elizabethtown College in their respective estate plans.

Molly died in 2007 after a life filled with family, music, culture, learning, travel and photography. She visited Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the cities of Beijing and Hong Kong. She loved the home she built, and her small vegetable garden. She enjoyed continuing education courses well beyond her retirement. Everything held a level of interest and wonder for Molly.
Mary EmenheiserAlways thankful and positive, Molly wanted to share her legacy with others. She enthusiastically endowed the Mary Givler Emenheiser Music Scholarship though her estate. This fund will live on in perpetuity and, following Molly's wishes, will provide scholarship grants to worthy and deserving individuals pursuing curricula in the musical arts.
Yonnie retired from the College after 42 years as the Head Women's Basketball Coach, the Associate Director of Athletics, and Professor of Physical Education. She remained active after retirement helping to raise funds for the College.  During her tenure, she took the women's basketball team to National Championships, and touched the lives of almost everyone at Etown—who doesn't know Coach Kauffman?
A true competitor and mentor, Yonnie set a new standard for coaching women's sports at the College -- with a spirit of service to others. She believed in the potential of those around her, and celebrated their success. 

Yonnie believes the College gave her a chance, and provided a flexible, friendly setting for teaching physical education and coaching competitive sports. She trusts the Board of Trustees to steward her legacy—one that will enhance athletics even further.

Elizabethtown College is grateful to Yonnie and Molly, and many others, for their philanthropic support and for trusting the College with part of their legacy.

Have you ever thought about including the College in your estate? It's the easiest, most flexible gift plan of all. Some simply leave an unrestricted amount of money that the College can use where the need is greatest—some leave a bequest for the unrestricted endowment—some leave a bequest for their favorite athletic sport or their academic major—some endow a scholarship.
If you have included the College in your estate plan, or would like to do so, please contact Elizabeth Dahmus, Executive Director of Gift Planning, at (717) 361-1545 or


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